Ninja 250 top speed

Join Date: Nov What's the performance capability of the ninjette from MPH? I've read the test reports Drag racers, it would be great if you would post your times.

I'll throw out that I've read it's about 5. Is that about right? What do you mean? My bike idles at 60mph. Originally Posted by kkim. Sailariel, I assume that you are talking about your '08? How much do you weigh? I think good info to include would be: model year, mods, weight of the rider on the bike when timed Motorcycle Consumer News tested the 7.

ninja 250 top speed

Originally Posted by Sailariel. Kelly, Took mine to the local dragstrip and did 0 to 60 in 5. My bike is totally stock. I do think that in the hands of an experienced drag racer, the ninjette could show a better ET than 5. I am not an experienced drag racer, and I shifted at 10K.

There were some bikers at the strip that thought the 5. I am not so sure the front end would have stayed down shifting at 11 or 12K. I have had the bike a year and three months, and am still impressed with the performance. And the sound at 12K is unreal. Originally Posted by Ash. I highly doubt there is that much decrease from the pregen to the newgen. Mine feels very different depending on altitude, ambient temp, humidity, bikes mood ect. Sometimes it feels like its getting to 60 in under 6 sec, sometimes it feels closer to 8, my car feels the same way.

I think if you test machines in different locations, and conditions you will get much different results. I do feel that the lil is capable of sub 6 sec times though. Im curious as to how the reviewers tested the times, did they just do a standard roll-on in which case that would probably be about right sec. However I always launched my off the line by revving her up to 8k or so and it felt much faster.

Then again I have that Dani Padrosa build so it may help out a bit. Originally Posted by Postiez. I read that too, I think that is much too slow, thats almost 8 seconds I think i need to do some testing, or get someone who weighs to do it for me xD. The only mod is a ZG windshield. The bike has mi on the clock and I use synthetic oil. I weigh I did feel that the front end was going to come up at any moment.Every last change Kawasaki made to the Ninja feels centered around the novice rider, which is understandable considering the bike's target market.

The new Ninja has been Our spies on the ground ferreted out what they could for the new bikes. Find offerings ranging from Supermoto to Sport-Touring from each manufacturer. Top speed is claimed to be mphwhile proprietary For years now, the Kawasaki Ninja R has been the only sportbike Our list of the top used sportbikes that are worth looking at if you're ready to head down the pre-owned motorcycle path.

Team Green's middleweight goes back up to the cc displacement, while the grows to a ; both available in ABS versions.

The six- speed transmission features a new roller Kawasaki's ground-breaking supercharged Ninja H2R last year and running I keep the Ninja H2's speed below mphso I wasn Millholland earlier …and a top speed of The upgraded Kawasaki EX sports enough attitude to warrant the Ninja label.

Check out our review following a road test. Could there be a change in roles? A lot of new motorcycles were released at the recent EICMA show, but here are the ones we're dying to ride. Larger displacement and higher top speed paired with timeless style and Ten Best Awards of the s showcased a generation of superbikes that rapidly evolved and adapted to a shifting marketplace. The Ninja had made it two in The Ninja H2R front cowl is Further contributing to high- speed stability, the Ninja H2R motorcycle features carbon Kawasaki has updated the Ninja H2 and H2R models for with new electronics and rear suspension components, and added the Ninja H2 Carbon limited-edition model to the lineup.

Kawasaki has updated its flagship sport-touring model for with a new IMU-based electronics package, a new windshield and fairings, lower seat height, and new ECU tuning. Wheeler is one of those individuals whose passion is evident not only by his long history in the sport, but also in the machinery he builds.

Even though the majority of motorcycles today use manual transmissions, there's a growing segment of automatic bikes out there. Those are all good things To top it all off, the Kawasaki's Ninja R sportbike launched the company higher up on the ladder of sophisticated sportbikes, and the ladder continues to be ascended with the ongoing tale of the warrior. Technological advances abounded for Kawasaki within the NinjaKawasaki Ninja R gives sportbike performance on a limited budget.

Smallest Ninja handles better than most superbikes. The Kawasaki Ninja R offers a rare combination of compact size, low purchase price and excellent performance. It continues to be among those motorcycles at the top of the sales chart. Actually, there are several reasons why consumers flock to the sporty styling of this particular motorcycle. The Ninja R provides easy-handling agility, a lightweight presence, and ownership costs that make this model a force to be reckoned with when shopping for a motorcycle in the entry-level sportbike category.

Power for the Ninja R comes from a high-revving, liquid-cooled, in-line twin-cylinder four-stroke engine featuring dual overhead cams and four valves per cylinder.

ninja 250 top speed

It also has a low seat height for added confidence when stopped. Other features include an easy-to-read instrument panel, positive neutral finder, centerstand and pop-up bungee hooks. Twin-cylinder cc Engine Compact parallel-twin design is lightweight and high revving, with a broad torque curve Good mass centralization for superior handling. Liquid Cooling Maintains consistent engine temperatures for long engine life and sustained power Allows tighter engine clearances for increased power and quieter running.

Four Valves per Cylinder Provides maximum valve area for optimum flow to boost low end torque while providing better breathing for more power at high rpm. High Velocity Induction Technology Provides a smooth flow of air to the carburetors for maximum top-end Carburetor and intake port diameters are sized for quick mid-range throttle response.

Top Speed Test 2019 Honda CBR250RR by MotoRival

Silent Cam Chain Low friction coating on chain guides reduces wear, increases power Runs quietly, reliably Automatic cam chain tensioner maintains precise timing without maintenance. Positive Neutral Finder A Kawasaki exclusive, just lift the pedal from first at a stop to find neutral easily.

Handlebar Mounted Choke Convenient location makes starting and warm-up easier. Diamond Frame Lightweight, high-tensile steel for amazing rigidity No down tubes for lower engine placement and lower center of gravity Good ground and cornering clearance. Dual-Piston Front Brake Balanced actuation caliper front disc brake for excellent feel and long pad wear. Rake: 27 degrees Trail: 3.

Front suspension: 36mm hydraulic telescopic fork Wheel travel: 5. Overall width: Overall height: Seat height: Dry weight: lbs. Fuel capacity: 4. I have owned some of the biggest bikes out there, ie suzuki bandit etc. After riding the ninja i didnt care if i ever rode the bigger bikes again. Never had so much fun riding, its amazing what this little bike will do all day long.

Bought one recently and will never let it go. I bought a new Kaw ninja for my 15 year old son. I wanted him to ride with me since his license requires that he ride near in front or behind an adult rider. He was 14 actually when I purchased the bike for him. In the last year he has ridden miles with me. Some of this was in the country ,some in the city. The other s such as the rebel ,virago and Gpz Suzook simply would not have been able to keep up in real world riding situations.The Kawasaki Ninja R is situated at the line between rider-friendly behavior and top Ninja styling.

The recipe seemed to be very simple: keep the twin-cylinder engine and sporty chassis and dress everything nicely in a fairing inspired on bigger Ninjas. The smart choice was to keep producing and yet improving this icon, and this way it managed to dominate the American market at the given category. By using a perfect combination of rider-friendly engine, easy to operate chassis, and modern design, this Ninja is a true companion on your road towards bigger motorcycles, like the ZX-6R and ZXR.

Beginning sportbike riders which prefer street use often encounter a gap between the cc motorcycles and those half-liter user-friendly bikes, which are indeed great for beginners, but can sometime be much more than riders would expect.

Kawasaki noticed this problem more than twenty years ago and it immediately took measures. Because it did the job properly, the EX kept being produced without major modifications. Thanks to a responsive cc twin-cylinder engine, comfortable riding position, and great looking fairing, this model sold like no other, attaching a solid brick of legacy at the base of Kawasaki modern cc sportbikes.

Now, the same machine is known as the Kawasaki Ninja R and it features the same chassis, engine and general features except bigger wheels and a more modern apparel of the bike that started it all.

As I was saying, the Kawasaki Ninja R has no competition whatsoever. The sales are good and the bike looks and feels great so it dominates the sales charts without any problems. Usually you would find myself writing about Honda offering a more reliable bike and Yamaha a better looking one in my opinion but this is definitely not the case.

Maybe Suzuki, who knows! What truly defines the Kawasaki Ninja R are the new fairing and windscreen which not only look great, but deliver improved wind protection for a wide range of riding situations. The Japanese manufacturer made sure that the fairing would be inspired on those bigger Ninja motorcycles, and it did. The result was fit and finish of striking full-fairing bodywork.

2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Further enhancing the supersport look is the dual-lamp headlight design, slim tail cowl and separate seats. When it comes to colors, the Kawasaki Ninja R is a reminder of the machines that inspired its apparel.

Red is characteristic to Kawasaki sport bikes so it was a must on the Ninja R, also. Riders who are willing to be initiated in the wonderful world of motorcycling and prefer a sportier ride are most likely to jump on the Kawasaki Ninja R so it is best to know what to expect. I certainly did.The Kawasaki Ninja R is a compact motorcycle designed for those who want to learn the secrets of sport motorcycles on a less powerful model.

Like any Ninja, the R features an agile stance with an aerodynamic fairing and a short windscreen. Needless to say that the motorcycle was designed with ergonomics in mind, so once on board you are met by a comfortable seat and a modern handlebar with a digital instrument panel.

The Kawasaki Ninja R is built around a cc parallel-twin liquid-cooled engine. The engine is paired with a six-speed transmission that offers a wide selection of ratios to match varied riding conditions. With superior highway performance, aggressive supersport bodywork, and a price tag that packs serious value, the Ninja is a perfect way to get started in a lifetime of motorcycling fun.

The cc liquid-cooled, parallel twin engine is tuned for smooth, predictable power delivery around town and excellent performance on the highway, while a smooth-shifting six-speed transmission with positive neutral finder offers the right gear for almost any situation.

This efficient engine and transmission help the Ninja provide plenty of enjoyment from the initial learning curve, all the way through advanced sport riding and track days. Wrapped by a modern aerodynamic fairing and windscreen, the not only looks great, but also delivers effective wind deflection for a wide range of riding situations.

2008 ninja 250r top speed

An easy-to-read instrument panel with fuel gauge and neutral indicator is another convenient feature for the new rider. A natural riding position and comfortable ergonomics combine with lightweight handling and nimble response to deliver pure pleasure on city streets. Part of this great handling and stability comes from the full-size inch sportbike wheels. Track-worthy stopping power is provided by the large petal-shaped mm front and mm rear brake rotors gripped by powerful two-piston hydraulic calipers.

Back to Model. Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, parallel twin.

ninja 250 top speed

Overall width Overall height Seat height Curb weight Fuel capacity 4. What do you think? Motorcycle Finder:. Kawasaki Ninja. Competing Vehicles.

ninja 250 top speed

Active filters:. Contact Us. Automotive journalist job.Had a chance to test mine couple days ago. Don't really need top speed and it seems to have burned through my engine oil. So far I haven't topped Been there a couple of times but haven't gone faster.

I've topped at mph, maybe just a touch over. It was on just North of Ukiah. There was a slight hill that may have given me another mph. But this is in full tuck, chest on the tank. Safe to say though that is absolute top speed on the ninjette. Everyone crashes. Some get too scared to get back on, while others can't wait to ride again. I'm a huge fan of dropping a tooth in the front on street bikes. There are very few occasions when having the ability to go mph is useful.

Much more useful is not stalling at a stoplight and having improved roll-on from ish for passing. I have been up to about going down a steep hill drafting a big ass ford truck in full on tuck. I was not at redline but getting close to rpm. You had to ask mph in a standing mile. But I hope to better that in September. Ohio mile Worlds fastest ninja. Drafting other bikes. And with cc's.

A bit out of tune as well.Kawasaki started the rage of entry level faired mini-supersports with its Ninjawhich instantly became a hit, thanks to the brand image of Kawasaki Ninja and being the first ever twin cylinder cc fully faired motorcycle to go sale in the country.

The motorcycle was a success due to its big bike looks, refined and powerful engine and a perfect balance ride and handling. But the fact that it was a pricey bike kept many potential buyers away from the bike. Then came the Ninjawhich succeeded the Ninja and bettered it in almost every other aspect — performance, dynamics, design and equipment.

At the same time, it commanded a premium over the already expensive Ninjathus making it even lesser value for money. Since then, the enthusiasts have been waiting for an affordable fully faired Kawasaki which can fulfill their dreams of owing a machine from the reputed Japanese manufacturer. Now, Kawasaki may fulfill all their dreams as it has been contemplating on launching the Ninja SL in the Indian market — a fully faired single cylinder motorcycle from Kawasaki which is expected to be priced at almost half of the price of the parallel twin Ninja Going by the looks, the Ninja SL may be the smallest version of the Ninja family visually, but in its segment, it is one of the most striking looking motorcycles.

The rakish body front fairing, coupled with the sleek body panels shared with the Z SL gives it a contemporary appeal. Starting with the front, the minimalist and aggressive front face of the Z SL here is replaced with a full fairing which comes with a single headlamp integrated into it. The headlamp also includes a pilot lamp at the bottom of it, just like on the Z SL.

The turn indicators are not integrated into the fairing like on the Ninjabut they have been shared with the Z SL. Beyond the front fairing, the rest of the body panels, including the fuel tank, side panels and rear profile have been completely lifted off from the Z SL, which make it look sleeker than the beefy looking Ninjabut overall lends it a profile of a good looking motorcycle.

The Ninja SL also comes with more functional split seats and split pillion grab rails. The fully digital instrument console, which has been shared with the Z SL, shows digital readouts for speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip meters, fuel gauge and clock, along with tell tale lamps positioned on both the sides of the LCD screen.

The fairing mounted rear view mirrors, clip-on handlebars and switchgear has been shared with the Ninja Unlike the other Kawasaki motorcycles on sale in the Indian market, the Ninja SL may make a new impact as the motorcycle may happen to be the first ever fully faired single cylinder Kawasaki to be ever sold in the country.

The motorcycle sources its power from a four stroke, liquid cooled, single cylinder, cc engine. Shared with the Z SL, this engine pumps out a maximum power output of 28 PS and a maximum torque output of Mated to a 6-speed gearbox, the engine is like all the other mills from Kawasaki in nature — rev-loving and refined. Though, it misses out on the utter-smooth feel and top end punch of the twin cylinder cc engine of the Z, as expected. Apart from the engine, the Ninja SL has a very simple mechanical setup under the skin.

The motorcycle sits on a tubular diamond frame, and comes equipped with a set of 37mm telescopic forks at the front and a uni-trak monoshock with adjustable spring preload at the rear.

Like on the twin cylinder Ninjathe suspension on the Ninja SL is tuned on a slightly stiffer side, which makes it super agile around corners, even more agile than the Ninja due to lower kerb weight, which stands at kg. The Ninja SL is fitted with petal disc brakes at both the ends — a mm disc brake at the front and a mm disc brake at the rear, both of which are shared with the Z SL as well.

Sadly, the motorcycle, like the India-spec Ninjamisses out on the ABS even as an option, which is a big letdown. Currently available in the European markets, the Ninja SL is expected to hit the Indian shores in the last half ofwhich will make it the most affordable fully faired Kawasaki motorcycle on sale in the Indian market. That makes it a bit expensive, provided the fact that the more powerful KTM RC is priced lower than it. Internationally, the Kawasaki Ninja SL is available in two color options — Candy Lime Green and White, both of which are expected to be available in the Indian market as well.

The Indian market is now flooded with quarter liter motorcycles, though there are very limited fully faired motorcycles in this range. Both the motorcycles are good looking, though the design of the Z SL is a bit more aggressive in comparison, whereas the design of the India-spec CBR R is now proving to be too long in the tooth. At the heart of the Honda CBR R sits a four stroke, liquid cooled, single cylinder, cc engine, which churns out 26 PS of power and 22 Nm of torque.

Though these figures make it lesser powerful than Z SL in comparison. In terms of ride quality, the CBR R offers you a plusher ride which is more in line with a sports tourer, whereas the ride and dynamics of Ninja SL is on a more balanced side. In terms of engine refinement, the Z SL gains a slight advantage.

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