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Artificial Intelligence continues to be one of the most exciting and fast-developing fields of computer science. This proceedings will be of interest to all those seeking an overview of the very latest innovations and developments in this field. ECAI is the place for researchers and practitioners of Artificial Intelligence AI to gather and to discuss the latest trends and challenges in all subfields of AI as well as to demonstrate innovative applications and uses of advanced AI technology.

The program of ECAI included five invited plenary talks, including two, by Michael Bratman and Johanna Seibt, shared with Collective Intentionality X, and an extensive workshop and tutorial program. In total, papers were submitted to ECAI This year we pioneered the idea of supporting continuity of the peer reviewing process, by allowing authors to submit resubmissions of papers rejected from IJCAIalongside their reviews from that conference.

We also introduced a Summary Reject process, enabling Senior Program Committee SPC members to use their knowledge and experience to help to reduce the load on reviewers. We also tried a new process of allocating papers to Program Committee PC members, in which SPCs allocated papers to a team of PC members that they had recruited themselves, in order to encourage team-working.

tamassia fabio

Out of the short paper acceptances, 12 9. Clearly people took advantage of the opportunity, and a large proportion of their revised submissions were rewarded by success.

During the paper discussion period, four papers were given the option of transferring to PAIS. We were lucky to be part of a dedicated team. We are indebted to our predecessor, Torsten Schaub, whose materials we found helpful, and Thomas Preuss for help and advice in using the Confmaster system.

Institutions regulate societies. When brute facts change an institution evolves from one social reality to the next.

Determining rule change legality is difficult, since changing counts-as rules both alters and is conditional on the social reality, and in some cases hypothetical rule-change effects e. However, without a rigorous account of rule change ascriptions, AI agents cannot support humans in understanding the laws imposed on them. Moreover, advances in automated governance design for socio-technical systems, are limited by agents' ability to understand how and when to enact institutional changes.

It is a non-parametric and distribution free kernel method based on the Hilbert space embedding of probability measures. In this work we describe and analyze a simple and effective stochastic optimization algorithm which allows us to drastically reduce the learning time of EXPOSE from previous linear to constant.

It is crucial that this approach allows us to determine the number of iterations based on a desired accuracy, independent of the dataset size n. We will show that the proposed stochastic gradient descent algorithm works in general possible infinite-dimensional Hilbert spaces, is easy to implement and requires no additional step-size parameters. The area under the curve AUC measures such as the area under the receiver operating characteristics curve AUROC and the area under the precision-recall curve AUPR are known to be more appropriate than the error rate, especially, for imbalanced data sets.

There are several algorithms to optimize AUC measures instead of minimizing the error rate. However, this idea has not been fully exploited in Bayesian hierarchical models owing to the difficulties in inference. Here, we formulate a general Bayesian inference framework, called Bayesian AUC Maximization BAMto integrate AUC maximization into Bayesian hierarchical models by borrowing the pairwise and listwise ranking ideas from the information retrieval literature.

To showcase our BAM framework, we develop two Bayesian linear classifier variants for two ranking approaches and derive their variational inference procedures. We perform validation experiments on four biomedical data sets to demonstrate the better predictive performance of our framework over its error-minimizing counterpart in terms of average AUROC and AUPR values. In the literature, different topic models have been introduced that target the task of viewpoint extraction.

Because, generally, these studies do not present thorough validations of the models they introduce, it is not clear in advance which topic modeling technique will work best for our use case of extracting viewpoints of political parties from parliamentary proceedings.

We argue that the usefulness of methods like topic modeling depend on whether they yield valid and reliable results on real world data. This means that there is a need for validation studies.

Ebook: ECAI 2016

In this paper, we present such a study for an existing topic model for viewpoint extraction called cross-perspective topic modeling [11].

The model is applied to Dutch parliamentary proceedings, and the resulting topics and opinions are validated using external data. The results of our validation show that the model yields valid topics content and criterion validityand opinions with content validity.William L. Physical games involving the use of water or that are played in a water environment can be found in many cultures throughout history. However, these experiences have yet to see much benefit from advancements in digital technology.

With advances in interactive technology that is waterproof, we see a great potential for digital water play. This paper provides a guide for commencing projects that aim to design and develop digital water-play experiences.

A series of interaction features are provided as a result of reflecting on prior work as well as our own practice in designing playful experiences for water environments. These features are examined in terms of the effect that water has on them in relation to a taxonomy of six degrees of water contact, ranging from the player being in the vicinity of water to them being completely underwater.

The intent of this paper is to prompt forward thinking in the prototype design phase of digital water-play experiences, allowing designers to learn and gain inspiration from similar past projects before development begins. Player-computer interaction features for designing digital play experiences across six degrees of water contact. T1 - Player-computer interaction features for designing digital play experiences across six degrees of water contact. N2 - Physical games involving the use of water or that are played in a water environment can be found in many cultures throughout history.

AB - Physical games involving the use of water or that are played in a water environment can be found in many cultures throughout history. Abstract Physical games involving the use of water or that are played in a water environment can be found in many cultures throughout history. Keywords Degrees of water contact Digital water-play experiences Player-computer interaction Swimming Water. Access to Document Link to publication in Scopus. Johnson Eds. Raffe, William L. Mandryk ; Daniel Johnson. Mandryk; Daniel Johnson.Sign In.

Edit Medici —. Lorenzo de' Medici 16 episodes, Alessandra Mastronardi Lucrezia Donati 16 episodes, Synnove Karlsen Clarice 16 episodes, Sebastian De Souza Sandro Botticelli 16 episodes, Pietro Ragusa Contessina 13 episodes, David Brandon Petrucci 13 episodes, Sarah Parish Lucrezia de' Medici 12 episodes, Aurora Ruffino Bianca de' Medici 12 episodes, Callum Blake Carlo de' Medici 12 episodes, Bradley James Giuliano de' Medici 11 episodes, Jacopo Olmo Antinori Bastiano Soderini 11 episodes, Guido Caprino Marco Bello 10 episodes, Jack Bannon Angelo Poliziano 10 episodes, Richard Madden Cosimo 8 episodes, Francesco Montanari Girolamo Savonarola 8 episodes, Stuart Martin Lorenzo 8 episodes, Johnny Harris Bruno Bernardi 8 episodes, Matteo Martari Francesco de' Pazzi 8 episodes, Alessandro Sperduti Lucrezia 8 episodes, Sean Bean Jacopo de' Pazzi 8 episodes, Ken Bones Simonetta Vespucci 8 episodes, Brian Cox Guadagni 8 episodes, Tatjana Nardone Emilia 8 episodes, Charlie Vickers Guglielmo Pazzi 8 episodes, Gualtiero Burzi Fra Quintino 8 episodes, Miriam Dalmazio Bona of Savoy 8 episodes, Alan Cappelli Goetz Roberto Cavalcanti 8 episodes, Michele Balducci Guido Cavalcanti 8 episodes, Lex Shrapnel Rinaldo Albizzi 7 episodes, Toby Regbo Tommaso Peruzzi 7 episodes, Eugenio Franceschini Ormando Albizzi 7 episodes, Daniel Caltagirone Pazzi 7 episodes, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd Vanni 7 episodes, Beniamino Brogi Nori 7 episodes, Raoul Bova Luca Soderini 6 episodes, Michael Schermi Ricciardo 6 episodes, Alessio Vassallo Vespucci 6 episodes, Dustin HoffmanWe describe two concurrent outbreaks of Serratia marcescens and Klebsiella pneumoniae in a neonatal intensive care unit NICU.

There were 15 cases of S. Both micro-organisms were involved in one fatal case. Seven preterm babies developed septicaemia, two had bacteraemia, three had respiratory infections and one had purulent conjunctivitis. The S. Different patterns were found in the 16 S. The major epidemic-involved genotype was linked to the first nine cases and this was subsequently replaced by different patterns. Eight different typing profiles were also determined for the 13 K. Four K. In conclusion, the typing results revealed that two different micro-organisms S.

Two simultaneous clusters of cases were documented. Heterogeneous genotypes among both species were also demonstrated to be present in the NICU at the same time. A focal source for both micro-organisms was not identified but cross-transmission through handling was probably an important route in this outbreak. Strict adherence to handwashing policies, cohorting, isolation of colonized and infected patients, and rigorous environmental hygiene were crucial measures in the containment of the epidemic.

Substances DNA, Bacterial.The case of authoctonous isolated laryngeal leishmaniasis due to L. It is highlighed the need to consider mucosal leishmaniasis in the differential diagnosis of laryngeal tumors.


Rapid nested-PCR technique and enzyme restriction analysis were useful for diagnosis and species identification directly from bioptic samples. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Rent this article via DeepDyve. Google Scholar. EditionNumber 5 Churchill Livingstone Philadelphia Download references. Correspondence to Chiara Casolari.

Dani Gurgel - Zimbadoguê

Reprints and Permissions. Casolari, C. A rare case of localized mucosal leishmaniasis due to Leishmania infantum in an immunocompetent italian host.

tamassia fabio

Eur J Epidemiol 20, — Download citation. Accepted : 25 January Issue Date : June Search SpringerLink Search. Abstract The case of authoctonous isolated laryngeal leishmaniasis due to L.

tamassia fabio

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tamassia fabio

Riccardo Bisini Politician. Grillone Art. Ma ad oggi abbiamo ancora questa problematica, l'erba tagliata non viene raccolta, ed in mezzo all'erba ci sono i forasacchi, spighe molto pericolose per i nostri amici a quattro zampe, che nei casi peggiori possono provocarne la morte. Ringrazio Federico Busetto per il video. Alcune considerazioni sulla "Casa delle Arti", nel video girato da Federico Busetto. Realizzare un cinema, non la trovo una cattiva idea, in fondo sono stati proprio alcuni ragazzi a propormelo.

Magari proprio al posto della ex Grimeca, edificio dismesso ricoperto di eternit versante in pessime condizioni. Secondo me, questa sarebbe una buona ed efficace riqualificazione. See all. See more.Sign In. Edit Un passo dal cielo —.

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